artist statement




My studies of the American Color Field Movement (1950–1975) are the inspiration for my paintings over the last few years; the way these artists simply apply a palate of rich saturated colors affects me deeply. In my own work, I seek to explore the emotional resonances of abstract color composition.


The paintings on canvas or panels that are a result of my studies are created intuitively by pouring thinned paint onto a surface using an unusual technique that is similar to watercolor painting. Transparent layers of paint applied in rapid succession create new textures and seemingly weightless expanses of color. I strive for transparency and luminosity within the vocabulary of pure color.


There is always an element of surprise in each work as the colors spread and interact with each other. The end product is quite exciting, and each painting is unpredictably different from the previous one. I hope that my work allows the viewer’s eyes and emotions to connect for a brief time as in a form of visual meditation.